You don’t need to go that far to fight Wall Street

I have been so confused for more than a few days: a large group of people stopped what they were doing before and gone camping near Zuccotti Park, protesting to a noun, or rather, a concept: Wall Street. College students joined this event, famous professors like Jeffrey Sachs joined this event, but in all of their brilliant speeches, on all of their slogans and banters, I could only hear and see a noun: Wall Street, instead of any specific names or even visible and imaginable groups of people.

Who the hell is this guy named Wall Street?

Oct 5th, when lots of Columbia students were demonstrating in campus, marching toward Wall Street, lots of other students were busy preparing for this job season. Large amount of big companies are coming, showing the top students here a chance to become part of the 1%. This should not be missed, even the first year master students think so.

Oct 11, Goldman Sachs Information Session would be held at 13:00 in Room 1512 of SIPA, Columbia University. Lots of first year and second year students studying in public affairs would again wear nice suits and try their best to impress the comers, trying their best to become part of Wall Street.

Who is Wall Street?

Wall Street is not an independent concept, it is formed by specific people, most of which are graduates from Ivy league. Marching toward subway station, imagining the exciting fight with Wall Street, the Columbia University students and professors probably didn’t see the Wall Street around them. Lots of well-dressed, professional Mr. and Miss. Wall Street.

You don’t need to go that far to fight Wall Street.

Wall Street is near you, right? Do you have friends working in Wall Street, investment banking? being traders? I bet you have. You just don’t talk about your disatisfaction about Wall Street in front of your such friends. We all love to avoid real conflicts, aren’t we?

Wall Street is in you, right? If you are lucky enough to be in ivy leagues, would you try your best to get that kind of amazing salary? Do you want your kids to be in Goldman Sachs? Really, you don’t? You would not hope that you children study finance, MBA or other hot subjects for Wall Street?

Why we can’t defear Wall Street? Because people are still trying their best to go there, especially the most talented kids whom you vision could be the pillar for your country, your future.

If we really want to defeat Wall Street, let’s try our best to re-cultivate the values of this society, try our best to make all people ashamed of being part of Wall Street. Well, they could still go, for the money, but when people are ashamed of this kind of job, when students don’t proudly tell friends they have got the offer from Goldman Sachs, things would start to change.

You don’t have to go that far to fight Wall Street. Why don’t you start by telling the people around you: no offense, but I don’t like the people working in Wall Street, in Goldman Saches, in JP Morgan, in investment banking and similar places, I don’t like the people trying to enter such industry to be “top 1%”, I think those excellent people could do more meaningful things in the world, I think the top students that are trying their best to become part of the Wall Street are really disappointing me. Can you?

Can you tell this to your friends who are preparing for Goldman Sachs interview: “Come on, don’t apply for those dirty works, you are so good, do sth meaningful for you and for the world!”

Can you do that?

Can our future be changed?


About Hongxiang

A MDP student in Columbia University, a growing activist on his way.
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